Exploring the Mysterious Magnetism of Russian Brides

‘Attractive’ is probably the first word that pops up in your mind when you are asked about Russian girls. Indeed, ladies from Russia and other post-Soviet countries are some of the most sought-after in the top model industry. You see them in ads, catalogs, and pageants more often than you realize. Even Russian female athletes can boast delicacy and femininity that’s not so characteristic of this trade. Thus, we tend to consider stunning looks to be quite common for hot Russian women. Gentlemen all over the world grow increasingly interested in meeting and marrying Russian women brides. Of course, the number of gullible gentlemen ready to marry looks alone couldn’t provide for a trend, so there must be more layers to the phenomenon of Russian brides’ popularity. Today’s we’d like to explore those layers and, should you feel interested, share some advice on how you can become a happy groom of one of these lovely girls.

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Key traits of hot Russian brides

If you still ask yourself ‘Do Russian women make good wives?’ — the answer will be a decisive yes, but the details will depend on what you seek in a woman:

  • Enchanting looks. Whenever a Russian lady enters a room, all gentlemen cannot help but notice her noble face, ideal stature, and overall radiating presence. The beauty of these ladies has been an inspiration to many renowned masterpieces of art and literature. As a Russian woman matures, she looks equally gorgeous: young Russian girls please a gentleman’s eye as much as their mothers and even grandmothers. Interestingly though, Russian women are anything but similar. This is a country with the enormous territory and ethnic diversity. So, you can meet and date Russian women of any appearance here — from a petite blue-eyed blonde to a strong-willed beauty with raven hair and piercing hazel eyes. In other words, this is the right place to find your ideal match regardless of your taste.
  • Character traits. Russia’s turbulent history has trained these ladies to be strong and proud, but they have managed to keep their gentleness and femininity through all those hardships. They are fiercely devoted to their loved ones, but they also know how to have this loyalty returned.
  • Intelligence. Down here, few people know that former Soviet countries don’t have a gender gap in their education systems. Beautiful Russian brides have every opportunity to enjoy some of the best education in the world. Furthermore, they are interested in and excited about everything and anything there is to learn or experience. For instance, you can take her to a soccer match, and then to a ballet in the evening, and then top it off with a nightclub. It will all be equally exciting to her. And, she’ll make sure that you’re having just as much fun as she does, too.

Importance of family. Compared to Western countries, families in Russia are much less atomized and always strive to keep close together. Growing in such families, Russian brides inevitably develop a genuine respect for elders and adoration of children. When they marry and enter their husband’s family, Russian mail order wives treat the in-laws with the same respect, and their children will enjoy all the love in the world. As these girls grow up, their mothers always find ways to get them involved in various household activities. So, when the time is right for them to marry, they are already capable of keeping the house clean, the family well-fed, and the children raised in love and discipline. Russian wives are well-aware of their errands in a family, but they will demand that you treat a husband’s duties with the same responsibility. Those essentially boil down to being an apt breadwinner and taking as good care of your appearance as she does of hers (a couple must look like a couple). And if you remember to show your appreciation by giving her small presents now and then, you will make her 100% happy, and she will return it tenfold.

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Russian mail order brides: Who are these ladies?

Heard for the first time, expressions like ‘mail order bride’ or ‘buy a Russian bride’ may sound outlandish. They seem to come either from distant past when women were considered property or from sci-fi future where one can order a robotic wife from a catalog. As one may guess, in our present day, mail order brides have little to do with either of the mentioned understandings.

In reality, the term ‘mail order brides’ is a couple of centuries old. As the USA expanded westward, the colonists didn’t always go to dwell in these new lands in families. Often, it was a single young man who had nothing except for his enthusiasm, wit, and youthful physical strength. At the time, it wasn’t enough to get a girl’s family convinced that you’re a fitting husband. So, as he grew older and became wealthy enough to ask for a girl’s hand, he would most commonly look for a girl from the states in the East Coast. Naturally, he couldn’t abandon his affairs to travel all the way there. Instead, he would turn to a specialized agency that would facilitate his communication with his bride-to-be and her family by mail. As such, ‘mail-ordering a bride’ means having extensive correspondence with your bride-to-be before meeting her, and having a specialized dating agency facilitate your communication, the consequent meeting, and marriage-related arrangements.

In spirit, today’s agencies are essentially the same. The difference is that today, these agencies offer to connect gentlemen with eligible brides from all over the world via the internet. They keep up with the demand of lonely gentlemen disappointed with their local dating scene and/or fascinated with ‘exotic’ women from a place like the former USSR, Latin America, etc. If you are one of such gentlemen, now you know how exactly one can mail order Russian brides.

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Why do hot Russian women become mail order brides?

As much as every girl is a unique person with her dreams and aspirations, it’s possible to pinpoint several reasons why they join mail order brides agencies:

  • Economics. As you know, Russia is a federation, and some regions are better off than others. A girl from a more ‘low-growth’ region will see an opportunity for a better life with a loving husband in a foreign country which seems all lush and splendor to her.
  • Lack of men. In Russia, women outnumber men significantly, so it only makes sense to ‘outsource’ grooms.
  • Natural curiosity. This may be the same reason why a gentleman from the West may seek out to try and build a family with a Russian bride. Just like you, these girls are often motivated to meet someone more refreshing than the available dates in their locality.
  • Adventurous spirit. Among other things, international marriage is an excellent opportunity not merely to see a little more of the world but to experience an entirely different life from the one to which one is used.
  • Gender issues. One of the Russian peculiarities is that while women enjoy the same rights and opportunities in education and career as men, this equality magically evaporates when they come home. There, they still have to perform all the traditionally female duties. They wouldn’t have a problem with that if only Russian men didn’t grow spoiled with such state of events and didn’t take their women for granted. A Russian girl knows that there is a man who will treat her the way she deserves. So, she is eager to find him or let herself be found, regardless of where in the world this man may be.

Of course, this is not to be seen as a checklist for a girl to get accepted into the Russian brides club. But the chances are that every girl you’ll meet in Russian mail order brides agencies will admit to at least one of the reasons from our list. In any case, one should restrain from seeing these hot Russian brides as some mere gold-diggers or green card hunters because it’s downright unfair. We have mentioned that education and career opportunities for single Russian women allow them to sustain quite satisfactory life in their hometowns. So, it must be something else they expect from an international marriage, and it’s a no-brainer to tell what exactly it is.

What essentially drives Russian women online is the same set of factors that motivate Western gentlemen to seek out ‘exotic’ brides. They don’t see themselves marrying a local and are willing to meet someone different and exciting online.

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What stats and facts have to say about online dating

  • Online dating services, in general, are already impressively popular, and their popularity only grows. Up to 20% of Americans are active users of at least one dating platform. It’s not a small number — just remember every time you heard your friends bragging about ‘this girl I met online’ or overheard your colleagues at work talking about something similar.
  • Surprisingly or not, divorce statistics may differ greatly depending on the source. Still, it’s possible to trace a tendency. The most optimistic stats about ‘old school’ offline acquaintances leading to marriages end in divorce in 25% of cases comparing to 20% rate of divorce showed by the most pessimistic stats about online dating-based marriages. The most logical explanation for it is that offline acquaintances often rush into a marriage — a ‘luxury’ that online couples cannot afford. When you have your romantic interest by your side, you get tempted to marry them right here and right now, and there are no objective obstacles that can stop you. Often, one doesn’t take the time to make sure that this is indeed the right person. When you meet Russian brides online, you may think it is love at first sight, too. Still, some time will pass before the two of you can arrange an international marriage or even a real-life meeting. As such, you will inevitably cool down and only proceed with the marriage if you are 100% confident about its success. Thus, international online dating presupposes some additional obstacles for a couple, but they are also an extra safeguard against rushing into drastically wrong decisions.
  • At online dating platforms, you can meticulously enter all the desired characteristics of your potential partner into the search filter yourself. Alternatively, you can use the AI-run automated matchmaking algorithms. Those have grown quite sophisticated and accurate these days — in fact, they often have a better idea of what kind of person you want than you do. That is, of course, provided that you fill out your profile information fully and sincerely.

Given such facts, using dating services to look for Russian women for marriage seems like a much more plausible and attractive idea.

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Meeting Russian mail order brides safely

The days when international dating sites were a goldmine for scammers and other ill-intended individuals are gone for good. Today, it is a respectable industry with reputable players in the business. Still, like with anything in life, there is some room for fraudulent activities. To stay safe, it suffices to follow common sense and the general safety guidelines outlined by every dating platform. It is all summarized in the following principles:

  1. Don’t rush to sign up with the first dating website you come across. One can get the general idea about what a particular service is like by reading what other users have to say. Usually, there will be gentlemen eager to share their stories of dating and marrying beautiful Russian women or getting disappointed while trying.
  2. See if the website has an easily reachable customer support service. It’s best if it’s available via several channels: email, live chat, and hotline.
  3. Once you’ve landed on a website, take your time looking around before signing up. Mind that you’ll be spending plenty of time here, so everything should be convenient. Your online dating must be a pleasure, not a toil, so you should be able to find everything you may need effortlessly.
  4. When signing up, pay attention to whether the site suggests you verify your profile. Strict verification is necessary to ensure the users’ genuineness and the safety of other users.
  5. Check the site’s pricing policies and their choice of services and features you get for this price. Some Russian mail order brides websites offer access to all services including those you’ll never use for a fixed monthly subscription price. Other dating services only charge you for what you purchase and intend to use.
  6. Check if the website accepts the payment method that you prefer. All websites must accept major credit cards and PayPal. Some also accept BitPay and other specific payment methods. Regardless, you should only disclose any financial details when you need to pay for something — not for profile creation, not for verification, etc.
  7. See if the site promises a 100% guarantee of success. Such vane promises are a red light. It’s needless to repeat that whether it’s a match or not depends exclusively on the two people involved and cannot be guaranteed by a third party.
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